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The Wide, Wide World of Personal Injury Attorneys

When you think of personal injury cases, you probably picture two parties standing in front of a judge who decides how much one party has to pay the other. Indeed, this is how some personal injury cases end up being concluded. But many are actually settled out of court. Your attorney files a suit against the defendant, and then the defendant's lawyer presents you with an offer for a certain amount of money if you agree not to go to court. You and your personal injury attorney decide whether or not to accept that offer, which is called a settlement. As you can see, personal injury lawyers do a lot more than just go to court. You can learn more about the many nuances of their jobs on this blog.


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Wrongful Death Lawyers Obtain Compensation For Tangible And Intangible Aspects

A wrongful death lawyer helps bereaved clients obtain financial compensation after an immediate family member is killed. The attorney must be able to prove the fatality was due to someone else's negligence, carelessness, or recklessness. When a corporation is responsible for the fatal incident, the lawyer may demand a substantial amount of money. Fatal accidents in agriculture, construction sites, and medical facilities are examples.

Practical and Psychological Benefits

Families may find it emotionally difficult to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit. Sometimes they would rather accept a settlement quickly and move on with their lives. However, there are practical and psychological benefits to fighting for better compensation. The family can use the money for purposes the loved one would have approved of, such as paying off the mortgage. The compensation also acknowledges the wrongness of what occurred.

Types of Losses

Tangible and intangible factors can both be included in the demand for compensation. 


These would include any medical costs connected with the accident, along with funeral expenses. The family's health insurance may have paid the medical bills, in which case that company would be reimbursed. The corporation's insurer would be expected to pay lost wages if the person had been contributing financially. This can be a large amount if that individual would have worked for another 20 or 30 years.

The lawyer might assign a dollar figure to activities the person handled around the home. Yard maintenance, basic repair work, laundry, housecleaning, and caring for children are a few examples.


These considerations typically include loss of parental guidance for children and loss of companionship for the spouse. A dollar figure is assigned to emotional pain and suffering.

Determining a monetary cost for these aspects may feel distressingly cold and heartless to the family. Yet intangible losses are legitimate, and the relatives deserve to be compensated. Insurance companies do not want to pay for intangibles, but the adjusters are accustomed to doing so when a fatality has occurred.

Settlement vs. Trial

Many of these cases result in settlements after lengthy negotiations between the attorney and the insurer. Families often dread the ordeal of going to court. Civil dockets tend to be very busy, and this type of case requires several hearings before trial. It could be years before the trial begins.

Wrongful death attorneys often provide free consultations to families seeking professional legal representation. A consultation can be requested through a lawyer's website.

To learn more, contact a local wrongful death lawyer.