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When you think of personal injury cases, you probably picture two parties standing in front of a judge who decides how much one party has to pay the other. Indeed, this is how some personal injury cases end up being concluded. But many are actually settled out of court. Your attorney files a suit against the defendant, and then the defendant's lawyer presents you with an offer for a certain amount of money if you agree not to go to court. You and your personal injury attorney decide whether or not to accept that offer, which is called a settlement. As you can see, personal injury lawyers do a lot more than just go to court. You can learn more about the many nuances of their jobs on this blog.


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Truck Drivers Are Usually Entitled To Workers' Compensation Benefits

Being a truck driver is not an easy job. You must drive for a long number of hours under dangerous work conditions. You are always at risk of having a car accident. If you could become injured either due to the stresses of being a truck driver or because you are involved in an accident. If you are injured while on the job, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

Your Work Classification

Many truck drivers are considered independent contractors by their employers. However, regardless of how your employer classifies you, you may be classified as an employee according to state law and may be entitled to workers' compensation benefits. To determine whether you are qualified for workers' compensation benefits, make sure to speak with a workers' compensation attorney as soon as possible.

You may be entitled to workers' compensation even if you are at fault for the accident. If you collide with another vehicle, your employer may be sued by the other motorist for the accident. However, if you're injured, your employer's workers' compensation insurance provider will still compensate you for benefits as long as you're eligible. If you're not sure whether you're eligible, speak with a workers' compensation attorney.

In some states, you may be considered an independent contractor. Under these circumstances, you may only receive compensation for your injuries through your own insurance provider or by seeking compensation from the other motorist if they were at fault for the accident. 

Common Injuries Suffered by Truck Workers

Truckers often lift heavy objects into and out of trucks. These activities can lead to muscular strain. Because these injuries can occur over time, you will need help from a medical professional who will explain that your injury was most likely the result of working as a truck worker. 

Truckers can suffer from all sorts of falls. Falls from the same level can still lead to serious injuries such as back and knee sprains. Falls from a greater height, such as when you fall from an upper floor where you are carrying out a delivery, can lead to broken bones. 

You might be struck by a forklift or by a moving container. Another careless operator might cause all sorts of injuries. These incidents can be easier to prove because there is a specific incident to point to. However, you'll always increase your chances of receiving compensation for your injuries with the help of a workers' compensation attorney.