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When you think of personal injury cases, you probably picture two parties standing in front of a judge who decides how much one party has to pay the other. Indeed, this is how some personal injury cases end up being concluded. But many are actually settled out of court. Your attorney files a suit against the defendant, and then the defendant's lawyer presents you with an offer for a certain amount of money if you agree not to go to court. You and your personal injury attorney decide whether or not to accept that offer, which is called a settlement. As you can see, personal injury lawyers do a lot more than just go to court. You can learn more about the many nuances of their jobs on this blog.


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Understanding How To React If You Slip And Fall In A Grocery Store

Most people visit the grocery store on a regular basis to purchase food and household supplies. When you go to the grocery store, the last thing that you probably expect to happen is to be involved in a slip-and-fall accident. Unfortunately, slip-and-fall accidents are not unheard of in grocery stores. People can slip and fall if spills are not cleaned up promptly or if appropriate signage is not put out to let people know about freshly mopped floors. If you're involved in a slip-and-fall accident at a grocery store due to the store's negligence, take the following steps:

Document the Scene

After slipping and falling in a grocery store, it is in your best interest to document the area where the fall occurred. Use you cell phone to take multiple photos of the scene from different angles. If you slipped because there was spilled liquid on the floor that was not properly cleaned up in a timely manner, make sure that you get an up-close photograph. In addition to taking photographs of the area where you fell, you should also collect the names and contact information of any shoppers who may have directly witnessed the accident.

Request a Written Incident Report

Do not make the mistake of leaving the grocery store after a slip-and-fall accident without notifying the supervisor or manager on duty. It is essential to get an incident report, which records the details of your fall, as well as the date and time that the fall occurred. After the supervisor or manager finishes the incident report, make sure that you ask for your own copy to keep.

Seek Medical Care

Unexpectedly falling in a grocery store can cause a variety of injuries. Thus, it is in your best interest to see a doctor as soon as you can after the accident. Seeking prompt medical care will play a big role in ensuring that you make a full recovery without any complications. Your medical records will also be used as evidence when seeking a settlement from the grocery store.

Hire a Slip-And-Fall Lawyer

When you're injured in a slip-and-fall accident at a grocery store due to the store's negligence, you are entitled to a fair monetary settlement. However, slip-and-fall cases can be tricky, which is why you should always hire a slip-and-fall lawyer. Your lawyer will be able to file a claim with the grocery store and negotiate with their insurance company on your behalf.