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When you think of personal injury cases, you probably picture two parties standing in front of a judge who decides how much one party has to pay the other. Indeed, this is how some personal injury cases end up being concluded. But many are actually settled out of court. Your attorney files a suit against the defendant, and then the defendant's lawyer presents you with an offer for a certain amount of money if you agree not to go to court. You and your personal injury attorney decide whether or not to accept that offer, which is called a settlement. As you can see, personal injury lawyers do a lot more than just go to court. You can learn more about the many nuances of their jobs on this blog.


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Motorcycle Accident Attorney: Vetting The Facts Of Your Case And Your Lawyer

Motor vehicle accidents involving motorcyclists are among the most devastating. Fortunately, there's likely a criminal attorney in your area who specializes in motorcycle litigation.

Here are some of the common steps motorcycle attorneys take when building a case for their clients.

Vetting the Facts

The majority of motorcycle involved cases are settled by insurance companies out of court. To compel the involved insurance carriers to make a fair settlement, however, you've got to have your facts substantiated to show that it will be cheaper for them to settle rather than disputing the facts of the case in court.

  • Police Reports: without a police report, a motorcycle accident is little more than a rumor in the eyes of the law. When you look over the police report associated with your motorcycle accident you need to make sure that the presiding officer(s) names, badge numbers, and phone numbers are clearly stated in the report. This will be crucial for your motorcycle attorney if they need to clarify any of the facts presented in the report.
  • Eyewitnesses: anyone who witnessed your motorcycle accident should be interviewed by your attorney. Having their names and contact information can help your attorney track them down.
  • Photos/videos: photographic and/or video evidence can clinch your case. When assembling your videos/photos, categorize them by timestamp. For instance, you will want to include photos/videos of your motorcycle as close to the date of your accident as possible.
  • Correspondences/Bills: any documents that can help your attorney create a paper trail for your case can also be important. For instance, you will want to include any and all medical-related expenses resulting from your accident.

Negotiating Your Settlement

Before you agree to work with an attorney, be sure that you consider the terms of their services. For instance, some motorcycle attorneys do not require their clients to pay for any legal expenses unless they are able to negotiate a settlement. Although this arrangement can feel like a deal, these attorneys are likely to take a larger cut of the settlement they negotiate. In addition to looking over the fine print of the contract, you should also ask about billable hours and rates. Some attorneys mandate a minimum quota of billable hours regardless of how swiftly an insurance company might be willing to settle a case. These billable hours can be an additional charge levied against you before you get the proceeds from your case.

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